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Railway station

The railway station is conveniently located over the road from the shops if you are coming by train, which may tourists do.  It's recently been updated with lifts.
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The cafes

And there are plenty of places to eat too.

The shops

Wentworth Falls has a vibrant shopping centre with a good range of speciality shops so a lovely place to spend an hour or two exploring.

Exploring Wentworth Falls

Let's get started on our next town Wentworth Falls on a damp misty mountain day.

Wentworth Falls is named after the famous Australian explorer Wentworth, who together with Blaxland and Lawson crossed the Blue Mountains in 1813 opening up a path to the lands to the west.   This is his bust located in the local park.

The town takes its slogan from even more famous world explorer "Where Charles Darwin walked".  He visited and walked here while on his voyage on the HMS Beagle.

Sir Henry Parks Park

The last place of note is Sir Henry Parkes Park.  I usually associate Sir Henry with the town of Faulconbridge, I am not sure why he pops up here.

That's the end of our quick photo walk through Bullaburra.  In a day or two we will continue to the next town up the highway Wentworth Falls.

Progress Association

Back up at the highway there are the historic Progress Association buildings.  They are used for various purposes and there is also a monthly market held here.

Village Green

The village green was actual parkland.